love actions

If a guy claims he likes u but doesn’t call u and only chats constantly, what indication is that?

This post was submitted by gail.


  • admin

    looks to me he his saving his money for the rainy day…….wedding!!

  • tonia

    To me it means u don’t worth that much to him

  • Victor Nwabugwu Nnorom

    i wish i can crab some one that can say this sweet words to me(you say you love me and to hold me tight,those words run thru my head day and night, i dreamt you held me and made me see that 4eva 2geda we would be.i await the person.

  • Layor

    Not all men are good verbally.He might be subdued wif tension n equally shy to raise some issues weneva he speaks but could overcome dis problems through chattin .