The Second Chance

After I broke up with my first love, i joined Dating Street. It was one evening, when on my usual search an interest popped up. I hesitated initially as these interests are the norm on Dating Street, and then by the third interest I decided to view her profile, there and then I discovered a Calabar beauty of an inconceivable measure from Awka-Ibom, Nigeria. I swung into sending a mail at exactly 6:40pm with complete contact details. Eleven minutes after came her response in the same manner. The fire kept burning until we met in person at the Muhammed Murtala Airport, Lagos, Nigeria on the 33rd day from the day of our meeting on Dating Street, We are together now in Calabar planning our wedding. She’s being very caring and introducing me to some juicy Awka-Ibom meals. God Bless Dating Street!